About Me

Matthew Molyett is a detail focused researcher that is prepared to dig into the fine aspects of the Howard County education system. From budgets to outcome modeling, Mr. Molyett will assure that the full Board is fully prepared to lead through the new decade.

His children currently attend local elementary and middle schools, and have experienced four different schools across the county. After school programs, car drop off, bus issues, school pickup, WATCH DOGS, PTA meetings… Mr. Molyett has been right there alongside the rest of the Ho Co parents.

Professionally Mr. Molyett protects the Internet from hackers and malware from here in Howard County in the rapidly changing Fulton area, his main tools to do so are software analysis and automation. As a Technical Leader for a Fortune 100 Technology company, Mr. Molyett is intimately familiar with the networking and information security issues that are core aspects of digital and distance learning.

As a product of public education, Mr. Molyett has formally studied Mathematics and Computer Science. This background enabled him to be recruited as a Cryptanalytic Computer Scientist for the National Security Agency. Since that time he has earned a Masters of Science in Cybersecurity from the University System of Maryland.

Mr. Molyett’s first experience with HCPSS was as a Ducketts Lane parent and maintains a continuing concern with the Elkridge high school situation. He now hails from polygon 2150.