District 1: From the record

The D1 Incumbent has failed to uphold the values of District 1.

The D1 Incumbent does not Prioritize the Safety of Students and Educators: Through her questions and comments she prioritized the ability of parents to attend work over the health and safety of students and educators with regards to reopening school buildings. On July 16, she alone voted against adopting a virtual delivery model for the first two quarters.

The D1 Incumbent does not Value Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: She has sought to prevent necessary staffing in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and pushed for the elimination of existing staffing. In February 2020 she voted against the budget request for Administration and Student Personnel Services.

The D1 Incumbent does not Stand with our LGBTQ+ Communities: CARY, Community Allies of Rainbow Youth, collected candidate stances with regards to the LGBTQ+ community and she earned an F. Her homophobic harassment of Central Office staff resulted in a lawsuit against HCPSS which ended in a payout settlement of $600,000.

The D1 Incumbent does not Work Respectfully With Others: According to Howard County Office Of Human Rights Investigator Brower, She was found to have targeted the Executive Team and Cabinet staff at the Central Office in Spring of 2017. She was found to have engaged in intentional conduct, including verbal, physical, written conduct, and its electronic communications, which a reasonable person would perceive as intimidating, ridiculing, demeaning and which threatened, and actually induced, a sense of fear in Central Office staff.

The D1 Incumbent fails to Understand the Urgency and Dangers of Overcrowded Schools: Twice in her tenure as board member the Board of Education has attempted to reconfigure attendance areas and both times she was an active obstructionist to lower the excessive concentrations of students in schools such as Centennial High School and Howard High School.

The D1 Incumbent has failed to show a desire to Want to Invest in World-Class Technology: She has voted against the FY 2020 and FY 2018 Operating Budget Information and Network Technology Services Fund. Only once it was presented that the only method of providing education during COVID required purchasing additional technology, even this investment was a “regrettable yes”.