Special Education

Howard County Special Education Citizens Advisory Committee needs to to have partners in all of the Board of Education seats.

According to the 2018 Maryland Report Card, HCPSS was maintaining over a 90% graduation rate, which is a very respectable stat. Digging into the data presents a very different story. Overall graduation rates across the Special Service categories climb to 93.33% for ADA 504, but plummet to 67.41% for all students with IEPs, rebound to 78.28% for students receiving Free or Reduced Meals, and bottom out at 43.44% for English Learner students.

Howard County Public School System can do better. Family income need not be such a predictor of educational success. Those in need of Individualized Education Programs and in need of English instruction deserve better. We can do better.

ADA 504 and IEP students make up more than 1 in 10 students in HCPSS. Support cannot be sacrificed when attempting to address other shortfalls in student achievement.