Thank you!

Obviously I’m disappointed, but we have bright lights to be looking toward.

Congratulations to Quincy Coleman For Judge and Jen Mallo for HCPSS Board of Education for your hard earned, likely victories. These next two weeks will be long ones. Take solace in the fact that you performed so well in the votes counted By Mail so far and your margins are likely to increase.

My friends, Jolene Mosley for Howard County Board of Education and Antonia Watts for HCPSS Board of Education, it was a long climb to reach this point, but you have summited! Enjoy this month as you rest up on what is really a plateau. My journey with you has ended, I cannot serve alongside you. You are both so qualified and so prepared. You will do fantastic.

This has been quite a trip, and Christina Delmont-Small – Board of Education ended it in the lead. Well done.

It has been nice to meet you Dr. Yun Lu for HoCo BOE. Congratulations on your victory and best of luck on the board.

Let us reflect on that immortal line from Hamilton: “Ah, winning was easy, [folks], governing’s harder”. I wish you all luck in your service.

Larry Pretlow II for HoCo District 2, Cindy Vaillancourt for HoCo BOE, Friends of Sezin Palmer let’s toast the victors and reflect on the highlights of this year’s campaign season.